Why Munchee Was Born?

Once upon a time, there was this hangry (hungry and angry) gal that just got off off an airplane in a far away city and was looking for hot bowl of ramen for dinner. She used a popular food review app to search for a decent place that serves ramen in the area.

It literally took her 20 minutes to scroll through hundreds of reviews that have nothing to do with the dish itself but the restaurants, customer service complaints, sketchy locations and terrible parking! Undoubtedly, when being able to touch the bowl of ramen that night, she felt as if she had survived a great famine!

And that is how Munchee app was born. Munchee aims to be THE APP that would list out that one specific dish from different places in a visual way so foodies can quickly compare price, quality and reviews all at once before making a “satisfying” decision. Better yet, everything is presented to them by photos and videos (user-generated content) so not only will they have a sense of how good and how much the dish is, but they will also have an idea of what the dish looks like. Food-lovers can also “love” and comment on dishes posted by others, and easily “pin” down the ones that they’d love to try later in their own collections. Follow foodies you love is fun, too.

That being said, we look forward to sharing our vision with you and bringing YOU the most useful, fun, and amazing experience with Munchee. So stay tuned!

Munchee App - Available now on iOS. Coming soon on Android.
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